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This years send-a-newbie will provide financial assistance to people traveling to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria to attend YAPC::EU::2014.

The send-a-newbie initiative is open to all applicants regardless of age, location, background or experience. The only requirement is that this is the first time you are attending a major Perl event, specifically a large workshop or YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference). If you believe that you fit these open criteria then please email send-a-newbie(at) and answer the following questions so that we might judge your application. Closing date for Applications is 15th June at 23:59:59 (UTC).




Current location (eg 'Paris, France'):

Please confirm that without financial help you would be unable to attend YAPC::EU::2014:

Please try to expand your answers to these questions. It will help the judges understand why you think you would be an ideal candidate to receive funding to attend the YAPC::Europe event. One or two paragraphs is probably about right.

How did you get started with Perl?

How are you currently involved in the Perl community?

Why do you want to go to YAPC?

What do you expect to get out of the YAPC event?

Please provide rough estimated travel costs, providing indications of any rail, plane or other travel arrangements that would need to be considered? (Please ensure that you are able to travel to Kiev in regards to Visa or any medical requirements before applying as we are unable to arrange these on your behalf.)

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